Vivid red of flowers, Green of the endless meadow, Emerald green of the sea, White of the clouds covering the Blue sky, hair colour in the sun, Yellow-Blue of the mysterious bird feather...

This world is full of colours. Each one is different, yet when these meet each other, a new colour is born.

The magnificent scenery of nature in Africa always reminds us that it is the secret of the beauty of this world.

そして、そのたびにまた思うのです。 それは私たち人間も同じだと。
At the same time, it also reminds us that it is the same for us.

人種、民族、性別、宗教、体型や体質、志向… 。
A race, a tribe, a gender, a religion, a body shape, a constitution, an intention…

Each to their own. That is why it is fantastic. That is why it is adorable.

Sometimes, your bad parts may bother you. However, that is also a part of your colour. So, treasure it and live with pride.

Wear your favourite colour then choose the path you believe. Not living others’ life but yours.

Discover the charm of the people who have the colour differs from yours and love it.

That faith and sensitivity are a true beauty and will become more important in this new era.

Do you live your color?

When spring comes to Japan, in Ethiopia the opposite side of the world, the dry season ends then it becomes like spring.

The rain starts to drop on the dried field and it sets the flowers like Bougainvillea, Jacaranda, and Hibiscus which are unique to Africa free to bloom.

The one which was created to describe those bright and beautiful African flowers is the “Bloom”.

Vivid pink surprisingly much with any colours and clothes thanks to its supreme texture and fine quality. Why don’t you pick this colour to brighten your day?

  • きらめく水面。どこまでも吹き抜ける風。そんなナイルのみずみずしくさわやかな光景イメージして作られたのが「Nile breeze(ナイルブリーズ)」です。
    The glittering surface of the Nile river. Never-stopping fresh breeze. “Nile breeze” was created to describe that watery and refreshing scenery of the Nile river.

    The bright blue which gives the intellectual and refreshing impression goes well with denim and white shirts for sure but also as an accent colour to black, grey, and navy.
    Why don’t you pick this colour which you can use every four seasons?

  • 地平線の彼方まで続く草原。そよぐ風。太陽の匂い。どこからともなく聞こえる鳥のさえずり...。
    そんな美しくも平和なアフリカの光景をイメージしてデザインされた「Green field(グリーンフィールド)」。
    The endless meadow over the horizon. The fresh breeze. The smell of the sun. The sounds of birds singing. The one which was created to describe that beautiful and peaceful scenery of Africa is the “Green field”.

    The combination of deep dark brown and elegant olive green is general but somehow fresh.
    Why don’t you pick this colour to develop your sense of style?

  • ナイルの夜を思わせる、かすかにブルーがかった深みのあるブラック。よくご覧いただくと、一般のものよりほんのかすかに青みがかっているのがお分かりいただけるかとおもいます。
    The deep black with a blue tint reminds us of a night at the Nile river. If you take a closer look, you will see it with a bit bluer tint than basic black.

    実は、通常のブラックピグメントにブルーのピグメントを絶妙な配分で加え、何度も試作を重ねてできあがった、andu ametだけのこだわりのブラックなのです。
    It is our carefully-made original black colour. We repeated trial and error and have paid a lot of passion to make this unique black. Finally, we found an exquisite amount of blue pigment to match this innocent black pigment.

    The gleaming blue pigment which can hardly be seen is the secret of the intellectuality and elegance of this colour. Why don’t you pick this colour to enhance the worth of you?

  • どこまでも果てしなくひろがる広大な大地と、突き抜けるような青い空。
    The vast extent of land and the crystal blue sky.
    Travelling through Africa makes you realize how small your concerns are.

    そんなアフリカの大地を思い起こさせるようなカラー、「Mother Earth(マザーアース)」。
    The colour which reminds you of the land in Africa is the “Mother Earth”.
    The Elegant and warm brown gives us a casual but refined and matured impression.
    Why don’t you pick this colour to express your rich humanity?

  • ミミとはエチオピアの言葉で”小さな女の子”という意味。はじけるような笑顔で家族のお手伝いをする、健気で元気いっぱいで愛らしいエチオピアの女の子たちをイメージして作られました。
    “Mimi” means “a girl” in Ethiopian.
    The one which was created to describe admirable, energetic and adorable Ethiopian girls who help their family with a cheerful smile is the “Mimi”.

    スイートなピンク、ポップなオレンジにビターなブラウンを効かせたHappy & Energeticなカラーリングは、手にした瞬間、自分自身の気分も周囲の雰囲気も、ぱっと明るくあげてくれるはず。
    The sweet pink and poppy orange with an accent of bitter brown
    expresses happiness and energetics in your mind.
    Why don’t you pick this colour to brighten your mood and surroundings?

  • アフリカの砂漠を歩いていると、突然、小さな花に出くわすことがあります。一見そよ風で飛んでいってしまいそうなほどにはかなげで、でも決して枯れることなく、その乾いた大地に根を張りすっくと咲いているのです。
    You could suddenly bump into a small flower when you are walking through a desert in Africa.
    At first glance, it is transient as it seems to be blown by the breeze easily. However, its root under the dried land will never let it die and blooms gracefully.

    「Desert Flower」は、そんな砂漠に咲く一輪の花をイメージしてデザインしたカラー。どんなスタイルにも合わせやすい上品なベージュカラーに、華やかなピンク色がアクセントになっています。
    優しく可愛らしい 。でもそれだけじゃない。そんな女性に手にほしいカラーです。
    “Desert Flower” describes that single flower in the middle of the desert . The refined beige, an easy-to-match colour, with the accent of the gorgeous pink.
    Why don’t you pick this colour to gain something more maturity than cuteness?